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Following volunteers and associates help our activities.

Associates of the Okinawa Prefectural Museum (OPM)

Who are the associates of the museum?
Associates of the OPM is a museum support group which was organized in 1980. Its mission is "to fully participate and cooperate in the museum's work, to join with the museum's staff to increase cultural awareness and create closer bonds of friendship."
Members are active in many ways. They support museum projects as volunteers, they conduct field trips and sponsor and hold lecture meetings.
Would you like to enjoy the museum more while supporting and helping to expand its activities? Everyone is cordially invited to join the Associates of the Museum.


Here are some of the things that Associates of the Museum does

  • Works with other members on training and friendship gatherings.
  • Members give, or help with, short courses, lectures and training sessions.
  • Works on museum projects and trains other volunteers.
  • Helps manage the museum shop.
  • Helps print, publish and sell books on the museum's research and other activities.
  • Helps publish museum bulletins and correspondence.
  • Publishes Okinawa-related print materials.
  • Works on other projects that the Friends have accepted.

Member Benefits

Members can participate in museum activities and the various activities held by the Associates.
Members receive the group's newsletter (once a year), the bulletin (twice yearly) and the monthly correspondence
Members get a discount on books published by Associates of the Museum.


Illustrated publications and other (list)
The Okinawa Prefectural Museum publishes a list of its exhibitions.

Bulletins & Annual Publications

Since 1974, the museum has published an annual bulletin reporting news and findings of its curatorial staff's research work. No. 32 was published in 2006.
Each year, the museum publishes a summary of its activities in its Annual Report. Beginning with the 1968 edition (called the Museum Report at first), edition number 40 is due out in 2007.

Museum News(Hakubutsukan Dayori)

Since 1977, the Prefectural Museum has published the Museum News, to introduce and spread the word about museum activities. No. 52 (2005) included a special report on the Shuri museum's closing and its move to Omoromachi.

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