Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum


Our museum exhibition schedule from 2016 is as follows.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion” Exhibition
From 3/25, 2016 to 5/8, 2016
“Evangelion” is a Japanese animated television series (anime) produced by Tatsunoko Productions and Gainax and directed by Hideaki Anno. 300 drawings and materials for films display in this exhibition.

Omine Collection
From 5/24, 2016 to 7/3, 2016
Mr. Kaoru Omine was well known antique collector in Okinawa. In this exhibition, we will introduce his collections which contain masterpieces of Okinawan arts and crafts.

Museum Collections at 2015
From 5/27, 2016 to 6/26, 2016
Our museum collections at 2015 will be exhibited in this term.

Exhibition of scientific experiments on biology
From 7/16, 2016 to 8/28, 2016
Science was developed by observations and experiments for many years. In this exhibition, we introduce scientific experiments in relation to creatures and biology. Do you join in our experiments and study the nature together?

In the anniversary of 80 years of the Japan Folk Crafts Museum
Exhibition of Okinawan crafs; “Ryukyu-no-tomi (wealth of Ryukyu)”
Muneyoshi Yanagi established the Japan Folk Crafts Museum in 1936 and from that 80 years have passed. Yanagi studied and collected Okinawan crafts; Bingata (stencil-dyed fabric), Tsuboya-yaki (traditional ceramics), and so on. In this exhibiton, masterpieces of the Japan Folk Crafts Museum collection and photographs of Okinawa at pre-WWII are displayed.

Special Exhibition: Palaeolithic age of Okinawa
From 11/15, 2016 to 1/15, 2017
Miniatogawa man (about 20,000 years ago) and some human fossils were discovered from Okinawa, but their settlements and cultural industry remained unclear for more than 40 years. But in results of recent excavations at Sakitari-do cave site (in Gangala Valley at Nanjo city), palaeolithic stone artifacts (14,000 years ago) and shell tools (20,000 years ago) were discovered. In this exhibiton, we introduce recent studies about Palaeolithic humans and their culture in Okinawa and their endemic characters.

Exhibition of historical maps and drawings of Ryukyu and Okinawa
From 2/1, 2017 to 4/16, 2017
Ryukyu islands were recorded in maps before Ryukyu kingdom age. In this exhibition, we display historical maps of Ryukyu and Okinawa from Middle to Modern age and introduce changings in recognition of our islands and territories.