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The Media Center collects, maintains, and encourages the use of information and books on Okinawa's nature, history arts and culture, keyed to museum objectives and the prefecture's basic educational policies. The Center's policy is to make its information as widely available as possible. Specifically, the museum manages its holdings of museum and art museum-related books and other pertinent materials, purchases materials and receives gifts so as to make information efficiently available to visitors in the museum. The museum works to efficiently process materials so they will be ready accessible for visitor use and research and will spark and support lifelong learning.


(1) Computers and AV Equipment
*Available to search the database of museum and art museum Holdings.

(2) Audiovisual Software
*Image and sound software on Okinawa's nature, history, culture, arts and crafts compiled by the museum and art museum.
*Software featuring images and sound related to Okinawa; other software in support of lifelong learning.

(3) Interesting Reading
*Materials on Okinawa's nature, history, culture
*Monographs on the museum and art museum collections
*Museum and art museum illustrated books
*Museum and art museum research bulletins and annual reports
*Okinawa Prefecture City, town and village histories
*Collected works on art and illustrated books

(4) Reference
*Answers to frequently asked questions about exhibitions and Okinawa's nature, history and culture.
*Book search information and reference help
*Access to museums and art museums inside and outside of the prefecture

Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum